What I’ve Been Called For

This weekend I get to work with a Cosplay group called Cosplay Characters for Kindness. They raise money for different charities and attend many charities events for children and adults. At first I was nervous about trying to submit my cosplays to the group, but I just had this gut feeling that it was something I really needed to do. They approved them quickly (I submitted Tinker Bell and Peggy Carter) and I’m now finally a part of a wonderful group for some wonderful causes.

We are raising money for Magic Wheelchair at Cherry City Comic-Con in Salem, OR. This is one of my favorite organizations as they make cosplays for kids who are in wheelchair. I don’t mean they make their clothes… no… they make the WHEELCHAIR a costume!  It is incredible!!! It started off with them having two kids in wheelchairs that really wanted to be involved in Halloween, so they created their chairs into costumes! This was one of their first ones:dragontitle
(Source: Google Images-Magic Wheelchair)

AMAZING right??  But wait… there’s more! Last year at Rose City Comic-Con in Portland, OR they revealed a Green Arrow bike for a little girl!  🙂 Although we didn’t get to witness the reveal while we were there it was wonderful getting to see her in it going around the convention center… biggest smile on her face!!Green-Arrow-Wheelchair
(Source: Google Images-Magic Wheelchair)

Just one more! This one they did for a little boy who was battling cancer. They asked me to show up as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and asked the 501st Legion to join us as well. It was such a pleasure and an honor to witness this reveal and meet the little boy and his family. screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-30-58-am
(Source: Google Images – Magic Wheelchair)

At the Harvest Hustle was where I finally realized why I cosplayed in the first place. It wasn’t for me or the compliments I get, it is for the kids. The reaction when they get to see their favorite character is a huge moment for them! It’s like when you go to Disneyland for the first time and you see the one character you adore the most!!  My fan-girl moment was when I finally got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow!!  I will always remember that time.  It’s the same way with cosplayers… we do it for the memories that we can give others!

I will update about how this weekend goes sometime next week… maybe when Esther is napping! 😀  Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom and a cosplayer… THE BEST JOB EVER!!


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