SP Snow White: Photoshoot #1

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks in the Angell household. On top of my husband finding out he had to be in Korea another week, I had physical, massage, and counseling therapy, along with a meet and greet at a preschool with Tinker Fairy, a photo shoot, and then a talent show. I will get to the photo shoot in a bit, but let me start off by saying that even though I was busy, I felt like I was accomplishing something. What that was, I still do not know *laughs*.  I will be sharing about the talent show in my upcoming post so keep an eye out for that. It will include a video!!

Cathedral Bridge, Portland, OR (Source: Google Images-Cathedral Bridge)

Wednesday, the 9th, I went out with my sweet, amazing cousin, and photographer, Jenelle Newton. We took a drive to Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon for my photo shoot. I had this place in mind for this particular shoot for quite some time now. It has a regal elegance to it that is unmatched in the city. It’s a bridge that goes across the Willamette river. The towers across the road are giant cathedral like archways. This same look is underneath the bridge as well, hence the name Cathedral Park.

Cathedral Park, Portland, OR (Picture by: Janice Angell)

We were hoping to be there at 2pm and work till 4pm, however we didn’t end up arriving at the park until closer to 3pm. This meant we only had one hour for me to get the rest of the costume on and make some magic happen. We probably should have thought through this one a bit more. Jenelle came prepared with some poses that I could do and a mirror as a prop. I’m so happy she thought of that cause that was a really, really neat idea.

We did a few shots up near the lamppost and the stairs that lead back up to the parking lot. No matter what, this park has some great backdrops for photography. Jenelle did quite a bit of editing and so did I. I changed some levels (brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlighting) along with adding some vignetting effects.

DSC_0062We then walked down to a weeping willow tree that sits right below one of the archways under the bridge. Weeping willows are one of my favorite trees. I keep asking my husband if we could put one in our yard, but honestly, I want one already grown. This was really a perfect setting. Unfortunately both Jenelle and I did not realize that my gold collar was lying flat. Because this is a “Snow White” the collar has to be standing up. We did poses with the gun, map, the spyglass and all my other knickknacks. Jenelle was great at creating poses that would work for this particular cosplay, even though she hasn’t even read the story yet. By the way… I am almost done with that and will soon be posting the finished work… after some editing of course.

From the willow tree we walked down below towards the train tracks. I was a little nervous about getting pictures on the tracks… but we really needed to. I mean think about it… Dwarves, mining, Snow White… it just fits! I don’t have the dwarves in my story, but I do mention them. As we were on the tracks we were very cautious and looking around quite a bit to see if the train was coming. It is an active track so I was a bit concerned.

While doing our thing there was a drone with a camera flying in between the trees on the other side. It was facing us and all I could do was just stare at it like “what do you want?”. Honestly it was quite hysterical. The sound of those things are a bit annoying, but I know someone who can get some amazing shots with those. Makes me wish I had one just so we could do some different stuff! What would’ve made this shot even better is fog!!  Pretty sure we will be utilizing one the next go around.

DSC_0090Near these train tracks is this giant cement housing which serves as not only a support for the bridge but also… well I’m not exactly sure what it is. I do know that it has doors that are being blocked by a metal gate. This picture was taken on a day that I took my kids with me on a scouting mission. If this looks familiar at all to you… then you either live in Portland, OR… or you have seen the show “The Librarians” on TNT. It’s a great show and features Christian Kane. He’s one of my favorite actors and also plays in Leverage. Both shows are directed by Dean Devlin and are absolutely fantastic! Anyways, this spot is used quite often for scenes in the show. I’m not sure if it is this side or if they have the same thing on the other side of the river, nonetheless it’s a great place.

Back on topic… we though the stone would make a great back drop for some of the photos, along with the crest emblem that is on the side of the structure. We also used the ledge for some great shots with the mirror prop. This involved Jenelle having to climb on the edge and trying to get a decent angled shot in the mirror. It took awhile but she got it.

Our next thing was to get some good shots close up. We wanted to do shots with the goggles and with my birdie on my shoulder (one of my favorite props). These turned out amazing and are some of my favorite shots. Don’t get me wrong, I love the full length ones as well, but these shots just seemed to capture Snow a bit more.

At this point it was already time to leave. We had so much more we wanted to do but never got a chance. Now we have better ideas for a second photo shoot which will be coming up, probably after Rose City Comic Con. Our next location will be at Edgefield McMenamins which has a very Steampunk feel to it. We will be bring the fog machine along to get some more action shots!

So there you have it!!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Again… Be sure to check out my facebook page and twitter for updates and conversations regarding current and future cosplays. Yes… I’m already thinking of and planning the next cosplay! We never stop thinking!!