SP Snow White-Part 2: Sewing Construction

The dreaded act of sewing. Okay… it isn’t that dreadful, but some would think it is. I have done it enough that it’s not nearly as intimidating as it was when I was in High School. However, this cosplay was definitely the most challenging for the sewing aspects. It was great practice and now I know more then I did before I started it.

Let’s start breaking down the steps as to how I made the Corset, Skirt, and Jacket.



Corsets: a girls best friend or their worst enemy. Sometimes both! I’ve struggled a lot with even wanting to work on a corset at all, but I knew at some point I would need it. Better now and learn then later and screw up a chance of making something AWESOME! First I needed the pattern.

This is Simplicity 2172. The corset in this pattern had an upside-down v-shaped bottom. It was great for that style, but not for Snow. So my first step was to take the pattern from Simplicity, retrace it onto pattern paper and make the adjustments accordingly by adding a point instead. Although it’s time consuming, doing this is great and it makes it possible for you to customize patterns to work for you!

Because I have made videos of the corset and skirt I will just give you a few tips on each. One the corset, be sure to iron your fabric prior to cutting out fabric, and always… ALWAYS use the triangles that are on the patterns. They are very helpful in matching up seams. Also, with boning, use wire cutters. Do not be me and use scissors! Here is my link to the you tube video of the Corset Construction.

A-Line Skirt


For the skirt I used McCalls M6911. I did not do the overlay or the design on the skirt… just the skirt itself. This skirt has a train and needs to be hemmed to fit you. I kept my train long and only hemmed the front.

Tips: Be sure to pin your pieces together with you sew. With long fabric pieces like skirt and dresses they can slip and slide a lot, especially if it is a sateen material. I used a flat matte Satin.

Here is the link to the YouTube Video for A-Line Skirt Construction.


I did not, unfortunately, get pictures or video of the construction. The pattern is again Simplicity 2172. There is a lining and I always suggest using a silky or satin fabric for the lining and not the cheap apparel lining. 20170513_213909The cap part of the sleeve I added the Red tear drop things from cut out felt. I sewed those on before I sewed the caps to the sleeves themselves. Again, be sure to follow all instructions in the pattern.

The collar was the hardest part. I cried and argued with my husband about how to draw out the pattern, what to make the collar with, and how to make it stand up. He was a gem and drew out a crescent/u shape pattern out for me. You will have to adjust  and measure for how big you want the collar. What I used was thick stabilizer. It’s the same type of stuff I made the hat out of, which you will learn in the next post about the accessories. It’s stiff but flexible enough to still be manipulated and shaped. I covered it with a Gold pleather (faux leather/plastic leather) and sewed around the edges. It stands up nicely and I love how tall it turned out to be!

I was so please to finally put on the whole thing, minus all accessories. It felt good and I wanted to wear it around the house all day! It is a rewarding feeling when you make something from the grown up and put your own spin on it!  Now get out there and make some magic!

Be sure to check back either tomorrow or Thursday for SP Snow White-Part 3: Accessories! 🙂  If you have any questions, be sure to comment and I will do my best to answer! Thanks for sticking with me!