Life Get’s in the Way

I feel terrible. Honest to goodness I am disappointed in myself for NOT keeping up with this blog!!  I AM SOOO SORRY! I really wanted to do this and give you lots of reviews and cosplay updates, and I have no excuse. Yes my baby is now a toddler ( a year and a half) and she is a go go go type of girl, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have written even a little bit. So… without further ado here is a summary of what has happened since Rose City Comic Con 2016!!


Oh wait… that’s me!

Rose City Comic Con 201620160910_133735

Last years RCCC was amazing and probably my favorite so far. We have another coming up in September and I have a feeling this years will top lasts… but we will see. At RCCC I cosplayed Rey form “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. I had an absolute fantastic time showing off my cosplay… but nobody was interested in me (there were a lot of Rey’s). However, what they were attracted to was my Baby and my Hubby… mostly baby. I dressed up Esther as a Ewok and Jon was Young Obi-Wan Kenobe.


You can see why everyone loved her! She was the “bell of the ball” you might say. Jon and her were featured in The Oregonian and another news channel which I am blanking on

at this moment. One thing I learned was that my cosplay was a bit off in the color, but I still like it.

I made everything myself which is ten times more rewarding then buying one and I was just happy to be there with my family.I got to be in the costume contest where I was a finalist so that was pretty awesome but Belle won the Tailoring Category. I guess 200 yards of fabric will do that.


Cosplay Characters for Kindness!


There are a few cosplay groups here in Portland, Oregon that do a lot of local charity events and raising money for certain charities. Well, I got involved in Cosplay Characters for Kindness with two of my cosplays; Peggy and Tinker Bell. The first outing was at Cherry City Comic Con where we raised money for Magic Wheelchair (mentioned in my last blog) and one of my favorite outings was at Providence Child Center for Fragile Children. I have no pictures of this but it was the most rewarding and humbling experience ever! Everyone was so wonderful and the joys on the kids’ faces were spectacular. Since then I have also been accepted into the Portland Super Heroes Coalition with TINKERFAIRY! 😀  I’m excited to work with them as well.



Yes… that is right… I was in an accident. It was a dual rear end! What I mean by that is

we were the first car… the car behind us bumped us… and then the car behind them Crashed into them which made them CRASH into us. This wasn’t a simple fender bender. The back car got towed because his radiator was leaking and both the middle car and my vehicle were damaged pretty bad. When I felt the first hit I went into panic mode and tensed up when the back car hit. It was a one right after the other hit so when I felt one hit… my mom and my two older kids who were with me, felt two. I went to the hospital, sat in the ER waiting room for hours, only to be seen, get a shot in the arm, a cat scan and sent home WITHOUT pain meds. Next day I went to urgent care to see what was up with everything, they checked cat scan and saw that I did have a pinched nerve but to the TRAUMA hospital, it wasn’t serious enough for anything else. So far I have had 6 weeks of Physical therapy with slight improvement on my right side but aggravated the left side, an appointment with a physiatrist (long term rehabilitation care) who wants an MRI done and another 4 weeks of physical therapy. It’s a long road to go down but we are searching for a lawyer because I’m dealing with a lot more emotional stress because I cannot take care of my 1 and a half year old the way that I should be able to. I can’t hold her for longer than 2 minutes max 5 if I want to be in pain. As a mom… it has just been rough.

New Friends!

I’ve met so many new people and they have become some great friends that I have gotten to work and volunteer with. One of them even asked me to be in a film he is doing which I will be the leading lady. I’m very excited and when we start to do some things I will write a little on that as well. I also started on the worship team at my church which has been such a blessing. Meeting the team and working with them, it’s like having a whole other family by your side! 😀

Keep an eye out for I will be posting about how I created my newest creation STEAMPUNK SNOW WHITE, from design ideas to completion. I will also be sharing a review of RCCC 2017 and who I will meet there (CARLOS VALDES), along with the costume contest for that. I also have a talent show coming up that I am a semi-finalist in so I will drop a bit about how that turned out… may even have a video *GASP*

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