Welcome to the World of Nerd Fandom

Welcome friends, family, and fellow nerds (even if you aren’t one, that is still okay). I’m thankful you have decided to follow my blog. We are going to have lots of fun and some interesting topics. Of course, like the title says, Welcome to the World of Nerd Fandom. That’s right, everything that will be discussed on here is all about nerd stuff. What is that? If you like comics, cosplaying, movies about superheros, fantasy books and movies, sci fi, gaming, or even lots of computer stuff (my husband will be doing a couple blogs on here as well), then you are in the right place!

Periodically (once a week to start maybe twice) I will be posting different blogs about comics I’ve read, upcoming cosplays, the latest news of the nerd world (sometimes written by guest authors) and even talking about different artists.

This is a new journey, so bare with me and my newness. Lets just have fun!!!

Published by

Angell Cosplay

What else is there to say aside from, I'm a nerd?? Reading this blog you will get to see just how nerdy I am. I have a husband (nerd as well) and two wonderful step kids who have blossomed into nerdiness. It spreads like wildfire! I have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing/English and I am currently working on writing a book.

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